My Boy is 5!!! Sneak Peek

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I just can’t believe it, the time has finally come. No matter how long and hard I worked to put it off, he’s five. And I will say with great certainty, he knows it, and he knows it’s a big deal. He is big stuff. And no matter what it is “He can do it” and when he can’t watch out! I know this is just a sneak peek but I have so much to say already. I will also say this time was the hardest time to get his pictures taken, he just wasn’t having it until the end. I even called in the big guns, Ms. Lindsay. She was home on college break and she can always get him to cheese it up and cooperate in front of the camera. We struggled. We bribed. We promised. And here is a little taste of what we got. _mg_8155




He did this pose all on his own, the salute and all. 



About Jennifer Stumbaugh

I am a freelance/ portrait photographer currently working in the Central Pennsylvania area.
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